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Electronic Industry (energy-saving lamp)


The company has many years experience of industrial application in the energy-saving lamp industry.


The rotary jet coding system can effectively improves the efficiency of identification, saves the site area. It has the ability to mark 2000-3000 lights per hour. It saves the labor cost, stencil cost and equipment investment recovery period is short.


The working environment has less odor, less pollution and more environmental protection.


Convenient management. Use computers to keep thousands of customers printing information. It solves the difficult problem of “end clean” in pad printing process.


Easy to make icons. Doesn't need to stencil and manage large number of pages. Greatly shorten the process from accept order to make a sample or complete products, improve customer satisfaction, reduce management costs.


Printing lines

Single head prints 2-3 lines, Double heads print 5-6 lines.


Electronic identification text

The company logo, product specifications, warning signs, certification marks, environmental recycling logo and product description.


Material for electronic industry package.

PP/PE/PC energy-saving lamp holder, electronic component shell etc.


Electronic industry applications

Energy-saving lamp, electronic component

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