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Chemical Industry


Package marking machine in chemical industry


Equipment Description


DRA-LC ink jet printer solves the problem that the large character inkjet printer in the petrochemical packing industry has the disadvantages of high failure rate, large consumption, excessive spare parts consumption and high cost of use.


Specialty as follows: Traditional large character ink jet printer has 7 dots nozzles and 16 dots nozzles, uses solenoid valve to control the ejection of ink droplets. Due to the limited frequency of solenoid valve at the beginning, printing speed wouldn't reach very high, generally below 100 m/min. DRA inkjet printer not only used the traditional solenoid valve, but also designed a kind of split Hopkenson pressure bar(SHPB). Thanks to the high frequency of excellent SHPB, DRA inkjet's printing speed up to 120m/min. The key technology of DRA inkjet printer lies in its unique printing head, with internal pressure bar, which obtains a patent. There are three types of nozzles: 7 dots nozzle, 16 dots nozzle and 48 dots nozzle - DRA is the only manufacturer that can produce 48 dots nozzle. For pigment ink, DRA also developed a special ink system, it makes the pressure bar type inkjet printer becomes the one applies to most kinds of ink. It can use the following ink agents: water-based ink, different alcohol-based ink, MEK-based ink. The above ink agents include various fuels and pigment ink. There're a wide variety of ink colors, specifically for the rubber & tire industry are white, red, orange and other colors. DRA pressure bar type rubber & tire inkjet printer has the following nozzles dimensions (microns): 150, 200. Through the flow control valve to control the ink flow rate, adjust the ink dot size, which greatly save the cost of use.

Technical parameter:

Character height

7dots: 8-30mm

16dots: 12-70mm

Printing matrix


Printing speed

7x5: up to 240m/min

16x10: up to 135m/min

Printing possibilities

Character orientation forwards, backwards, upside down

Character spacing width and height adjustable

Incrementing/decreasing product counters up to 9 digits

(count-up counter 001,002,003 or count-down counter 999,998,997)

Automatic date and time printing

User self-defined logos

Serial interface


Operating environment

Temperature: 0℃-50℃

Air humidity: 0-90%

Ink types

Standard white ink, Super bright white ink

Anti-rust preventive oil ink, High temperature ink

Quick-drying ink, Slow drying ink