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Rubber & tire inkjet printer | Advantages and Parameters

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DRA rubber & tire inkjet printer is a inkjet coding equipment designed specifically for the rubber & tire industry. Different from traditional printing wheel type, DRA rubber & tire inkjet printer can achieve high-efficiency online printing, with non-contact printing method, dot matrix formation, the effect is clear and beautiful.



Widely used, apple to tire identification of semi-steel/steel etc. A variety of ink types, such as: white, red, orange and other inks, to meet the printing requirements of rubber & tire industry.

PLC automatic cleaning system, ensure that the nozzle is not easy to block; automatic ink mixing function makes it uneasy to precipitate and layer, ensure good printing effect.

High degree of industrial protection, the design of stainless steel cabinet, separated electrocircuit and pipeline, professional nozzle protection system, all above ensure that it remains outstanding, stable and reliable work in the continuous operating condition of rubber & tire industry.

By non-contact printing method, the printer can directly print on the slightly rough tire surface; wide range of colors, high contrast ink, is the best choice for rubber & tire printing; ink sulfide-resistant, non-mucosal, can print directly on the tire surface below 150 degrees Celsius.