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Steel tube inkjet printer | Advantages and Parameters

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Inkjet printer is originated from Germany. DRA Steel tube inkjet printer is a kind of inkjet-type marking equipment, which dedicates to the steel industry heavy pigment. Using non-contact, high-speed, quick-drying ink printing method accurately in the outer surface of steel tube printing LOGO trademark, tube number, batch number, specification, heat number, graphics and automatic counting etc.



1. Easy to operate: boot to use, directly change the input information by keyboard, convenient and efficient.

2. Cost savings: by using DOD (Drop On Demand) technology and controlled automatic cleaning technology, machine needn't add other solvents while working properly, reduce the consumption of solvent ink cartridges and reduce customer costs.

3. High contrast: print on the surface of steel tube, steel plate, pipe, with good contrast and adhesion. Use opaque white or other color ink to print on the dark surface for high contrast. High reliability Ink system operate stably, ensure the print quality won't be affected by the ink type and temperature.

4. Durability: high degree of industrial protection. Sturdy stainless steel cabinet and sealed keyboard,prevent the invasion of solvents, ensure that printer remains reliable, efficient work in harsh ambient conditions such as dust, humidity, high temperature; automatic opening nozzle function, PLC automatic cleaning system, ensure that the nozzle is not easy to block; automatic ink mixing function makes it uneasy to precipitate and layer, ensure good printing effect.


Technical Parameter:

Character Height: 5-70mm

Printing Matrix: 5、7、9、10、12、16

Printing Speed: up to 120 m/min

Printing Possibilities:

Character orientation forwards, backwards, upside down

Character spacing width and height adjustable

Incrementing/decreasing product counters up to 9 digits

(count-up counter 001,002,003 or count-down counter999,998,997)

Automatic date and time printing

User self-defined logos

Serial interface: RS232, RS422, RS485 (optional)

Operating environment: temperature: 0℃-50℃

                        humidity: 0-90%

Ink Types: Standard white ink, Super bright white ink, Anti-rust preventive oil ink, High temperature ink

Quick-drying ink, Slow drying ink; green, black, blue and other colors.

Printing Head:

7dots head: 230mmx80mmx45mm;

16dots head: 104mmx84mmx226mm

Dimension: 370mmx450mmx920mm

Keyboard: 340mmx400mm