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What the Small Character Inkjet Printer is...?

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Inkjet printer, makes the ink out of the normal circuit line by ink charged offset. Ink directly jets to the surface of the workpiece, uses logic to control the location of each droplet. Usually the droplets only change in a vertical direction, must move the work-piece to form the information we want to print. As the jetting ink does not directly contact with working surface, it has the following advantages:

1. High Speed

For example in production soft drinks like Coke, can print up to 1000 bottles per minute.

2. Changeable Data

As its data is computer-controlled, can easily change. Content can be added date and time, serial number, batch number and other changeable information.

3. Applicable Surface

Inkjet printer has a variety of inks to choose from, whether it is paper, plastic, metal, glass, rigid surfaces or soft and squashy surfaces, can receive good printing results.