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Classify of Inkjet Printers

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1. Continue Inkjet Printer, is called "CIJ" for short.

Continuous inkjet system constantly jets the ink from single nozzle through the pressure, then ink breaks to become dots after the crystal oscillation; by charging, high pressure deflecting, ink dots form characters on the surface of moving objects. Commonly used in low imaging requirements, but heavy demand packaging market. Most industrial inkjet systems use CIJ technology. With CIJ, the droplet stream is generated in a line shape and form characters by deflection. Industrial CIJ systems can reach speeds of 1,000 feet per minute, much faster than DOD technology. CIJ is the perfect solution for a large number of direct mail order operations, numbering and marking of packaging and printing products for food, beverages, pharmaceuticals and beauty. It is also used for marking and coding lottery tickets.


2. Drop On Demand, is called "DOD" for short.

Industrial "drop on demand" system print head consists of several high-precision valves, while printing the valves corresponding to the characters rapidly open and close, the ink discharge by the internal constant pressure, form characters or graphics on the surface of moving objects. A digital signal produces a drop of ink on paper instead of a stream of ink. With the latest DOD printhead, colors on the paper combine by more accurate dots, more approximate to traditional offset printing. Therefore, for the four-color high-precision printing, which takes the quality as the most important factor, DOD is the best choice. Its quality close to the photographic effect. DOD system prints at speeds of 100 to 300 feet per minute. DOD is used for wide range printing, such as colorized packaging icons, shopping display cards, fabrics and large area making. However, for industrial packaging, due to the printing speed limit, it can't be used in high-speed packaging lines. Many companies are developing high-speed DOD printing equipment that can be used for packaging purposes, like in Europe there have been more than a dozen brands.


Continuous inkjet printing technology, it seems like droplets corresponding to the pulse voltage applied to the charging electrode. The actual process is not so simple. We have to synchronize the breakage of the droplets with the charging of the charging paddle. Also consider the mutual exclusion of dotted drops and even the aerodynamic problems of drops in flight. Users of continue inkjet printer wouldn't notice these problems, but it is these issues that make designing continue inkjet printer interesting. For the inkjet is continuous, continue inkjet printer can use many types of inks, especially those drying very fast (within 1 second). Therefore continue inkjet printer is ideal for those products that have non-permeable surfaces such as cans and plastics, which require prompt handling after printing. In addition it can use ink with more chromatic colors. Since continue inkjet printer has a relatively high printing speed, its printing distance usually much farther than the pulse printer (more than 10 mm), and the printing quality does not decrease. So that the placement of nozzle would have a greater choice.