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DRA8000 Small Character Inkjet Printer


Integrated storage of printing parameters and messages, convenient to select, save time and improve working efficiency.

Could edit via PC. Messages, images and fonts could be imported & exported via USB.

Flexible user defined font, print font and print mode can be customized according to requirements to improve the function of anti-counterfeiting and anti-channel conflict.

Simple and smart drawer ink circuit guarantees the stability of ink circuit and greatly improves the convenience of ink circuit maintenance.

The embedding technology of modularization print algorithm changes the printing speed and printing lines. It automatically switches the printing algorithm to produce the best printing effect.

The ink circuit system solenoids could be on & off via operating the menu manually. Easy to tell the printers fault and avoid the unnecessary maintenance costs.

Ink and solvent adding system, making them up at any time when they are not enough, not necessary to replace the tanks, it saves costs a lot.



Technical Parameter


DRA8000 Small Character Inkjet Printer

Character Height

5-32 dot matrix

Printing Possibilities

Character orientation forwards, backwards, upside down

Character spacing width and height adjustable

Date, Time, Validity, Shift, Batch number, Logo, Chinese text, Numbers, Alphabet and etc.

Input Power


Shape Size




Editing Function

Arbitrarily mix, rotate, combine, choose among multiple font, interval bold, interval widened within the range 24 dot matrix

Graphic Editing

Directly edit trademark pattern within the range 24 dot matrix 

Length Counter

Measure length and print in arbitrary units

Operating Humidity


Protection Rate

Industrial protection rate

Optional Accessories

Conveyor Belt, paging machine, warning lights, computer and related accessories, access control(PC terminal)

Printable Lines

1-3 lines

Printing Speed


Ink Type

Quick-drying ink

Print Head Catheter

Standard 2.0m, can be customized

Message Limit

1500 dot matrix

Message Storage

Can store 1500 printing message, 800 graphic message

Ink Consumption

500ml ink can print 40 million 7 * 5 dot matrix characters

Trigger Mode

Automatic, photoelectric, encoder (synchronizer, Length Counter)