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DRA LC Character Ink Jet Printer


The ink jet printer with dark ink is used in the steel industry. The technology is originated from Germany.

DOD printing technology saves great cost for you(DROP ON DEMAND).

High industrial protection rating, printer remains reliable, efficient work in harsh ambient conditions such as dust, humidity, high temperature.

Wide range of inks developed for all industrial printing requirements, e.g. white, black, yellow, red, etc.

Electromagnetic valve life at least 5-10 years.

The two heads are available:7dots,16dots.

Single or double head(s) is available.

Dialog box, drop-down menu.

Directly connected with common industrial equipment , such as Computer, PLC etc.

The use of automatic ink mixing function makes ink not easy to precipitate, layered, ensures good jet printing quality.

With PLC auto-cleaning system, the print head is not easy to block.

When the steel pipe is stationary, it is possible to use hand-held jet printer.


Technical parameter:

Character height

7dots: 8-30mm

16dots: 12-70mm

Printing matrix


Printing speed

7x5: 240m/min

16x10: 135m/min

Printing possibilities

Character orientation forwards, backwards, upside down

Character spacing width and height adjustable

Incrementing/decreasing product counters up to 9 digits

(count-up counter 001,002,003 or count-down counter999,998,997)

Automatic date and time printing

User self-defined logos

Serial interface


Operating environment

Temperature: 0℃-50℃

Air humidity: 0-90%

Ink types

Standard white ink, Super bright white ink

Anti-rust preventive oil ink, High temperature ink

Quick-drying ink, Slow drying ink